August 3, Saturday 9-4 

3 Family Garage Sale +

Handmade Marvels from Around our World + 

BOHEMIAN GLASS BUTTON JEWELRY with artist/designer Sarah Durling !

1190 Monterey Avenue  – One block up from Monterey Market



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For a visual intro to my work and to me (for we are one) click on the following links:


ME, ON-CAMERA as host of these shows: GlobeTrekker and Global Moms and Time Team America.

MOVIE TRAILERS from my documentary films:  PROMISES and OUR SUMMER IN TEHRAN.

I was born South Africa, grew up in Berkeley and have spent much of my life traveling the world to make films,  pursue loves, and study theater.

While traveling through Mali in 1998 I bought 20 bangles made of recycled flip-flops. These resilient, waterproof, light-weight, beauteous talis-women have been on my wrist ever since day and night.

If you’ve seen me in person (or on TV) you’ll see that Sarah Durling’s earrings go everywhere I go.  Sarah also grew up in Berkeley and we’ve been friends since we were wee.  I’m Sarah’s sole Bay Area retailer.

ABOUT the button jewelry

Sarah Durling has been designing button jewelry for over 20 years, working from her extensive collection of antique and vintage buttons. The button are made of glass, metal or shell and are hand-set in sterling silver. Each piece of jewelry uses buttons that will never be made again.

ABOUT the stuffed animals

The stuffed animals are designed and constructed by the Tzotzil people, a Mayan group located in Chiapas, México.  I work directly with the Sántiz Lopez family. Petronas an elder in her 70s, directs the workshop and sets the prices. Like many Tzotzil elders Petronas doesn’t speak Spanish so I speak Spanish to her daughter Antonia who then translates to her mother in Tzotzil.

a GLOBETREKKER STORY: I began hosting the TV travel series GlobeTrekker in 1994. Our first shoot was in Vietnam. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City the same day that President Clinton lifted the US embargo on Vietnam. For the next 10 years I traveled off-the-beaten track to over 40 countries. Many of the small towns and rural villages were as yet unscathed by American culture. From 1994-1999 devices were not reliable and our small crew of 5 traveled unencumbered by the dictates of the London production office. No email, or mobile phone. We were out there making up the show as we went along, eating everything (though I drew the line at Guinea Pig) and meeting 100s of locals from all walks of life. Our budget was minimal. The hotels were far from cushy, and in Africa beer is cheaper than water so we drank a lot of beer. Yes, this was a dream job.


I do look forward to meeting you on Saturday, 9am to 4pm, August 3rd.



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